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Since 2003, the mission of the Résidences des Bâtisseurs has been to build and manage high-quality residences for seniors throughout Quebec’s regions.

Our goal is to provide new generations of retirees with contemporary, healthy living environments that are comfortable, stimulating, safe and reassuring, with support from our attentive staff.

Today’s seniors built modern Quebec – they are indeed our Bâtisseurs – and they deserve our utmost attention and a place to live with dignity and respect.

We believe they are entitled to a retirement with peace of mind in a tranquil setting, away from the hassles of everyday life. That’s what drives us every day.


To ensure peace of mind for our residents and their loved ones, we are committed to providing a living environment where dignity, courtesy and respect are the norm.

At the Résidences des Bâtisseurs, this is expressed through the values that guide everything we do:

  • Listening actively and attentively to residents’ needs
  • Serving the individual with passion
  • Going above and beyond to help others
  • Finding creative solutions
  • Acting with enthusiasm and efficiency
  • Showing mutual trust
  • Working as a team

The company

At the Résidences des Bâtisseurs, we firmly believe that you deserve to fully experience and enjoy this new stage of your active life in the best possible way, so we make every effort to offer you the best.

We build and furnish modern buildings with contemporary architecture and high-end interior design, each with a large lobby, hospitality room with fireplace, a convivial dining room, air-conditioned common areas, elevators, sports and recreational facilities, gathering places, state-of-the-art security systems and a nursing unit. Our residents can also take advantage of services offering social activities, cultural events and entertainment.

In each of our residences, you are considered full members of society, supported with kindness and respect by every member of our team. A staff member is always available, 24/7. Each residence offers a pleasant environment specially designed for you down to the smallest detail, because your well-being is important to us.


We offer all the necessary facilities to help you flourish, keep your independence, preserve your freedom and privacy, maintain your health and vitality, share your passions, make new friends and be entertained with total peace of mind – all tailored your needs and interests.

At the Résidences des Bâtisseurs, you won’t live on the fringes of the community: you’ll remain an active stakeholder and participant. In every town where we have a senior residence, you’ll lead an inspired and balanced life in a central location, close to the shops, services, activities and attractions that create an open, dynamic and friendly community.

That’s why thousands of active retirees and seniors trust the Résidences des Bâtisseurs throughout Quebec.

Our history

Since 2003, Groupe Résidences des Bâtisseurs has been in constant expansion in the regions of Québec.

Groupe Résidences des Bâtisseurs is:

  • A network of 10 residences for active retirees and seniors;
  • Nearly 2,500 high-quality housing units;
  • Nearly 3,000 residents and 500 employees;
  • 3 new residential complexes under construction;
  • 14 years of experience in building, furnishing and managing retirement homes.

[cq_vc_accordion contentcolor=”#4c4c4c” accordiontitlesize1=”1.5em” titlecolor=”#005a91″ displayfirst=”on” extra_class=”batisseurs_accordeon”][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”1999 – Founding of Groupe JPH International”]Founding of Groupe JPH International, specializing in real estate management and brokerage, a company recognized for its expertise, professionalism and rigor – right from the start.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”2003 – Acquisition of a first retirement home”]Acquisition of a first retirement home, Manoir Sully in Quebec City.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”2008 – Creation of Groupe Résidences des Bâtisseurs”]Creation of Groupe Résidences des Bâtisseurs, whose name is a tribute to all the seniors who have contributed to building and developing the regions of modern Quebec.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”2010 – Construction of the Résidence des Bâtisseurs in Matane”]Start of construction of the Résidence des Bâtisseurs in Matane. This ambitious project is still considered one of the Groupe’s finest achievements, with its modern design incorporating a bell tower.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”2016 – Launch of new development phases “]Launch of new development phases at the Résidences des Bâtisseurs in Rivière-du-Loup, Matane and Sept-Îles, and at Manoir Sully in Quebec City.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”2017 – New development everywhere in Quebec”]

  • Inauguration of the Résidence des Bâtisseurs in Baie-Saint-Paul, the tenth in our network.
  • Launch of the construction of the Cowansville and La Tuque residential complexes.
  • Announcement of the construction project for the Résidence des Bâtisseurs in La Malbaie.


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